Tax Compliance & Advice


Tax Compliance & Advice

We work with small to medium sized businesses, as well as startups and sole traders, to minimise tax liability and achieve the maximum refund possible. Our team has the expert knowledge to claim all legitimate deductions, to add value to your business and give you the peace-of-mind that you’re receiving the best value-for-money.

Even if your business has complex tax and accounting needs, we provide tailored tax planning and advice to help your business realise its potential, and ensure you’re complying with regulations at all times. With proven methodologies, streamlined processes and in-depth, technical knowledge about tax, contact Carter’s for all business services related to accounts and more.

Income tax returns

Lodge your tax return with Carter’s Tax Advisory to maximise your return and be sure you’re claiming all legitimate deductions. We can help your business reach its potential and make it easier to stay on top of your cash flow, for easier finance management and more money in your pocket all year round.

Goods & Services tax (GST)

Whether you’ve only just registered for GST or you need advice around the complex subject, we help you manage GST and indirect taxes (such as stamp duty, payroll tax and land tax) that can make a real difference in a company’s cash flow. Get practical, tax-effective advice from your dedicated Western Sydney consultant.

Fringe benefits tax

Fringe benefits tax (FBT) is a separate entity to income tax, and calculating what you owe can be highly technical. We’re experts in identifying and valuing reportable fringe benefits, to guide you through FBT and get the best outcome for your business.

Capital gains tax

We work with you to help you understand capital gains and capital loss tax, by providing streamlined record keeping systems and accurately calculating your capital gains tax to ensure your business is always in compliance.

Tax planning & strategies

Wherever you are in the development of your business, we provide ongoing tax advice and tailored strategies to help you make smart financial decisions. From advice with taxation issues regarding ownership changes, to assistance when expanding into overseas markets, our consultants can assist with even complex tax planning cases.

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